Durian Is Yummy, Nutritious And Can Be Used To Charge Your Smartphone!

That's why it's the king of fruits.

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Durian Is Yummy, Nutritious And Can Be Used To Charge Your Smartphone!
Love durians? Scientists have discovered that the fruit is not only good to be consumed, but it also has other uses.

Like what, you wonder?

Well, for one, it can be used to charge our smartphones or electric cars in the future.

From fruit cores to supercapacitors

According to a study highlighted in website Popular Mechanics, the group of scientists led by associate professor Vincent G. Gomes from the University of Sydney in Australia has found a way to turn fruit cores from the durian and jackfruit into potentially high-performing electrochemical supercapacitors, or energy storage devices with high energy density.

This, Gomes said, can then be further developed into applications such as batteries for electronic devices and even transportation.

"Supercapacitors are promising for energy storage due to their superior cycling stability and excellent charge-discharge ability," the scientists wrote in a paper.

On top of that, the report said supercapacitors can be recharged very quickly and can be charged over and over again without degrading them much, unlike lithium-ion batteries that rely on chemical reaction to generate power.
Despite that, this lesser known supercapacitors are not as widely used because they generally have a lower energy density, and are also currently cost-prohibitive as the industry's standard carbon-graphene mix (used to coat the electrodes in supercapacitors) costs between RM400 and RM500 per gram .
"Converting food wastes into value-added products will not only improve the overall economy but also reduce environmental pollution," the scientists concluded.

It's a good thing, then, that we can easily find durian anywhere.

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