Malaysian Gives Scammers Taste Of Their Own Medicine By Keeping Them On The Phone For An Hour

Serves them right!

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Malaysian Gives Scammers Taste Of Their Own Medicine By Keeping Them On The Phone For An Hour
Always receiving scam calls and you're beyond annoyed?

Well then, you should probably should take a leaf out of this man’s book on how to deal with 'em annoying pests.

An hour-long conversation

A group of scammers chose the wrong person to mess with as the Malaysian man, known as Ooi Beng Cheang, gave them a taste of their own medicine.

Ooi recently took to Facebook to share his experience on how he played the players.

Ooi wrote that he pretended to be Wong Ah Tak, a retired Singaporean toilet cleaner now living in Johor Baru.

It all started when the scammer called Ooi and informed him that his company, Greenwood Trading in Georgetown, Penang, owes money to the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN).

“The LHDN officer then transferred me automatically to the Penang police HQ to make a police report automatically. Wow! How efficient.”

“So, there it continued with a Sergeant Faris who proceeded to ‘record’ my police report over the phone. He must be an idiot because his phone line wasn’t clear and it kept breaking up and he had to call me back,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Scammers got frustrated

The scammers then said his account was also used by a drug lord to launder RM1.4 million.

Ooi decided to play dumb and asked if he could get the RM1.4 million as it is a lot of money.

The exasperated scammer, who had been trying to tell Ooi all along that he owes the money and the money doesn’t belong to him, finally gave up and said the money is in Ooi’s bank account to be retrived.

During the conversation, Ooi also tried to alert them that that he was actually joking. 

“While he was checking the details with his fake inspector, I really wanted to pee and I told him I wanted to ‘kencingkan awak’ (pull a fast one on you) like a true ah pek cina.”

“Sergeant Faris then wanted my bank details. I told him I just opened a Maybank account this morning and didn’t know the login details. So, he asked me to stay on the phone with him while I went to the ATM machine.” 

Ooi then said he pretended to walk to the ATM machine and queued up behind a line of people at the bank.

Ooi wrote that he even had to stifle his laughter because it was getting too funny.

Almost an hour later, the scammers gave up and left with nothing, while Ooi came away with this gem:


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