Jaya Grocer, Mydin To Introduce Special Shopping Times For The Elderly And Vulnerable

Less crowd and more space for these groups to get their essentials comfortably.

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Jaya Grocer, Mydin To Introduce Special Shopping Times For The Elderly And Vulnerable
Andrew Sia on Facebook and Jaya Grocer

Let them get their essential items in peace.

With the implementation of the recent Movement Control Order, some Malaysians have been acting irrationally. 

Panic buying, hoarding and crazy lines have begun at many main grocery outlets.

In an attempt to calm the storm and provide assistance who those truly in need, several supermarkets have stepped up and set aside special timings for the elderly and those with special needs to shop for groceries.

The two supermarkets adopting this initiative are Jaya Grocer and Mydin.

Special time to shop for the elderly and vulnerable groups

Both chains have issued statements saying that they would set aside time to only let the elderly and the vulnerable shop at their stores.

Jaya Grocer's announced that participating outlets would open from 9.30am to 10am for elderly customers (meaning those aged 60 and above) and their caretakers.

Vulnerable customers including the disabled and women who are pregnant will also be allowed to shop at that time.

Mydin, on the other hand, said that they would open their stores 30 minutes earlier to allow for the elderly and the disabled to shop.

"We want to help them obtain essential items in a less crowded environment," they said adding that special lanes would also be opened throughout the day to cater for the group.

Users love the idea but suggest for more time to be allocated

Many users have lauded the move by the supermarkets.



Others have asked for the 30 minute period to be extended as they feel that it is too short of a time frame for the elderly to shop:



Whatever it is, we're delighted to know that we have local businesses who think about those who are truly in need in such a difficult time.

Thank you to both supermarkets and hopefully more will follow in their footsteps.

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