Health DG Warns Of Third Wave As Malaysians Casually Lepak At Eateries

This is no joke you guys!

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Health DG Warns Of Third Wave As Malaysians Casually Lepak At Eateries
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Why Malaysians like this one?

It's the first day that the Movement Control Order is set in place and Malaysians are living life like it's the good ol' pre-coronavirus days.

Pictures have been circulating on social media on groups of people chit-chatting while enjoying food and sipping on teh tarik!

Come on people, you know better than to do this!

A third wave could be on the way

Health Director-General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah warned that if people don't take things seriously, a third wave of COVID-19 could be on it's way.

In a Facebook post, Dr Noor Hisham reminded the public to stay at home and practice social distancing.

"We have a slight chance of breaking the COVID-19 infection chain. Help MOH by playing your part as each individual is responsible for taking every step necessary to keep yourself and your family safe."

"Failure is not an option here. Otherwise, we might face the third wave of the virus," he warned.

He added that the wave could easily turn into a tsunami especially with the "I don't care" attitude shown by people.

"I appeal to all Malaysians, please take this movement control order seriously. Stay home and don't go out," he said.

Stay Put! Why All The Fuss Over The Movement Control Order?

Other medical staff have also come forward asking for Malaysians to remain at home. 

So, listen to Dr Noor Hisham and other health experts, you guys.

It doesn't take that much of effort pun. Just duduk kat rumah! That simple action of just staying at home could help stop the spread of the virus!

Do your part people. Be a responsible Malaysian! Be a responsible human being! 

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