#MYHero: Medical Frontliners Risking It All To Save Lives During The COVID-19 Outbreak

A major shortage in protective medical equipment

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#MYHero: Medical Frontliners Risking It All To Save Lives During The COVID-19 Outbreak
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Something is better than nothing.

The numbers of COVID-19 cases are steadily rising, and the number of protective suits and other protective gear is depleting. 

Determined to continue to help patients, doctors and other medical staff are resorting to using garbage bags and even cling wrap to protect themselves from being infected.

Using clingwrap for protection.

No choice but to be creative 

"We have no choice. It is our duty to help, but we also need to protect ourselves, so we're forced to get creative," said one doctor when contacted by Rojak Daily.

The doctor added that medical supplies were scarce and most were being forwarded to the Sungai Buloh Hospital, where the bulk of COVID-19 cases are being treated.

"We have limited materials. What we are doing now is trying to keep those protective materials when attending to positive COVID-19 cases," the doctor added.

Forced to stay away from family

Meanwhile, a viral photo allegedly showing a medical personnel communicating with his children from the front gate of his home also gives a grim picture of how much the COVID-19 crisis has affected the medical staff in Malaysia.

Too scared to come any closer.

"Of course we're scared and we're afraid for our families too," said one doctor to Rojak Daily.

The doctor added that it is their duty to help and the only way Malaysians can do their part is by staying at home.

"Also, if you suspect that you have COVID-19, be truthful to us. Tell us so that we can protect ourselves and do our best to protect you," she said.

As of Sunday (5 April), there are a total of 3,662 positive COVID-19 cases so far with 61 deaths recorded.

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