Raja Bomoh Is Back With A Ritual That Will Protect Malaysia From COVID-19

We could literally see you guys rolling your eyes.

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Raja Bomoh Is Back With A Ritual That Will Protect Malaysia From COVID-19

Rituals galore

Remember Raja Bomoh? The infamous ‘shaman’ who claimed that he could find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with rituals using coconuts and bamboo ‘binoculars’?

He even performed a ritual in 2017 outside the National Institute of Forensic Medicine at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, amid tensions with North Korea over the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, just to "protect" Malaysia from a "potential missile attack".

Guess what? He’s now back in the picture and this time, he's claiming that his latest ritual will protect Malaysia from COVID-19.

Coconuts not needed

In a YouTube video, Raja Bomoh whose real name is Datuk Ibrahim Mat Zain, performed a ritual using a globe, a mini telescope that he said belongs to his great grandfather, turmeric rice and padi burung along with pandan (screwpine) leaves dipped inside a bowl of water to protect the nation from the disease.


“Here are some tips that I want to share, wash your mouth, wash your nostrils, earlobes and also your face. Wash your hands properly before you go inside your home.”

“So I hope that we, the people of Malaysia, will just stay at home and don’t go to work.”

“As the Raja Bomoh would like to ask the government to give some allocations towards those who are working on their own and local traders who have to close down their business,” he said in the video as reported by Malay Mail.

Some things make sense

While the ritual itself is just (we have no words).... some of the things he said actually made sense lah.

Calling people to wash their hands, to stay at home and even his call for the government to help local traders.

All that makes a lot of sense. The other things, not so much. 


Also, if you guys remember correctly, Raja Bomoh had apologised for his un-Islamic rituals and was even charged in court under the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) 1997 (Act 559) by insulting or bringing into contempt the religion of Islam.

Looks like some people just never learn!

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