Today's The Official 'Hari Polis', So Let's Give Thanks To These Heroes For Going Above And Beyond!

Say thank you to the men in blue keeping us all safe

  • Wednesday, 25 March 2020
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Today's The Official 'Hari Polis', So Let's Give Thanks To These Heroes For Going Above And Beyond!

It's 'Hari Polis' today (25 March), but unlike the years before, there are no big celebrations and award ceremonies for our heroes because of, you know, COVID-19 and Movement Control Order (MCO). 

That doesn't mean we can't celebrate and thank our abang and kakak polis for all they have done/are doing and will continue doing to keep us safe. 

We all know that our police are the frontliners when it comes to law and order, and most of us won't even be able to sleep at night peacefully without their contribution in keeping crime in check. 

But a lot of times, these heroes-without-capes also go above and beyond their usual duties to serve the people. 

Here are some examples of such incidents. 

#1 The time several policemen helped push a car in the rain

Most of us won't even stop during good weather (well, sometimes it's also because of the fear for our safety) but these men in blue not only stopped and checked on a stalled vehicle in the rain, but also helped to push the car to the side. 

According to this post on Polis DiRaja Malaysia's (PDRM) official page, the two policemen pushed the car to the side when it broke down at a traffic light in Nilai to avoid traffic congestion. 

We're sure everyone using the roads there as well as the driver of the car were grateful to the policemen. Thank you! 

#2 The time this abang polis unclogged a drain with his bare hands


Remember the story about a traffic policeman unclogging drains to ease floodings that went viral last year?

The policeman was seen wading through ankle-deep waters in the rain unclogging the drains so that the water level goes down, and the traffic will ease. 

PDRM posted the video, with the caption: 'Let us get drenched by rain as long as traffic flows smoothly' and that earned the praise of netizens. 

#3 The time these policemen decided to teach mat rempits a lesson in an unusual way

Ha! Kan dah kene
We all know how dangerous and annoying mat rempits can be on the roads. Most times, the police will conduct roadblocks and summon these miscreants, but a group of police in Ipoh decided that they have had enough. 

During a roadblock in Pasir Putih in 2017, the policemen made 100 mat rempit push their bikes for five kilometres to teach them a lesson. 

We're not sure if the punishment actually worked, but we sure think it's a pretty interesting way of handling the issue. 

Bonus: This video of a kakak polis who decided to deliver a lecture instead of straight up arresting those going against MCO:

#4 The time the police helped a domestic violence victim

Technically, helping a domestic violence victim out of a dangerous situation is a part of a policeman's job. 

However, in a time where most police officers have been roped in to assist with implementation of MCO and other COVID-19 issues, their fast action is still very much appreciated. 

Thank you, heroes! 

While most of us are complaining about boredom while cosied up in our homes, our police force, as frontliners, have been out and about to keep us safe at the risk of their own healths. 

We're taking this opportunity to thank all the abang and kakak police for their services. 

The next time you go on a grocery run, buy them some coffee or snacks! Just be sure to keep your distance when you pass 'em. 

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