Zoo Negara Is Running Out Of Funds, So Please Help Adopt Some Animals

They need our help.

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Zoo Negara Is Running Out Of Funds, So Please Help Adopt Some Animals

Help the animals

There are a lot of businesses out there that are badly affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Some have been forced to shut down, and one establishment is on the verge of collapse too.

The only problem is; they have a bunch of animals in their care.

Call for adoption

Zoo Negara needs our help.
Zoo Negara Malaysia is reportedly dipping into its emergency funds to run the place and keep the animals as there hasn't been any ticket sales, donations or money coming in in any other ways. 

Astro Awani reported that like many other businesses, the zoo has been closed due to the MCO, therefore they haven't been making money. 

Zoo Negara deputy president Rosly@Rahmat Ahmat Lana reportedly said that it is a challenging time for the establishment, but assured Malaysians that the animals are in kept in a good condition so far. 

There's only enough funds for three months

According to Rosly, there are enough food supplies for the animals for now as contracted suppliers are still supplying the necessary. 

However, the emergency fund, specifically created by the management of the Malaysian Zoological Society (MSZ) for such unforeseen circumstances, will not last long. 

As such, he invited the public to donate by adopting an animal at the zoo. 

You can sign up for the Adopt An Animal programme here.          

You can also donate by banking in money to:

Malaysian Zoological Society
Maybank Berhad

Once you have completed the transaction, you can email the zoo at for their record and issuance of official receipt.

Although we don't quite agree with the concept of zoos especially after this MCO where we've been 'caged' at home (at least there aren't hundreds of people coming and staring at us living our lives every day), the animals that are already there probably won't survive in the wild or without the care of the zoo management. 

If you can, please spare some thoughts and money for the poor animals.

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