MCO Phase 2 Starts Soon; Here Is What's New/Changed

New rules to be applied.

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MCO Phase 2 Starts Soon; Here Is What's New/Changed
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More stringent regulations

It's finally here, you guys.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has been talking about tightened regulations for some time now. 

On Monday (30 March), he announced that Phase 2 of the Movement Control Order (MCO) will start in April.

That's basically a couple of days away, so here's what you need to know about MCO Phase 2.

Operating times

Shorter operating times.

While Ismail Sabri assured that Phase 2 would still allow you to leave your homes and for essential shops to be opened, he said that there would be stricter timings to adhere to.

For example:

Supermarkets, hypermarkets dan sebagainya - Operation hours will be from 8am to 8pm only.

Restaurants - Operation hours will be from 8am to 8pm only.

Petrol stations - Operation hours from 8am to 8pm only.

Also guys, the operating hours will include all your Grab deliveries as well.

So please ensure that you order your stuff between 8am to 8pm. 

Driving regulations

One vehicle, one person.

Everyone is still allowed to drive out using their personal vehicles but the 1 vehicle, 1 person policy will apply.

For commercial vehicles, the encouraged travel time is between 7pm to 7am. Ismail Sabri said that this is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.

Still a no for jogging

Recreational and social activities will still not be allowed under Phase 2 of the MCO.

"This includes those within gated and guarded communities. Everyone is subjected to the same law," said Ismail Sabri.

So please, just stay at home and if you really have that itch to run, perhaps do like a friend of ours did and just run around your house ya.

The ONLY exception for those allowed to go out during the MCO are:

Those who have autism or are categorised as OKU and are required to be outdoors for therapeutic reasons.

"Even then, you should not gather in a group," stressed Ismail Sabri.

The popo will be watching

Ismail Sabri said the police, army and officials from RELA will still be patrolling various areas to ensure that people adhere to the MCO. 

Roadblocks will be gradually increased and this includes roadblocks at toll gates.

"There are 23 roadblocks at our tolls at the moment. It will be increased to 144 toll plazas throughout the country," he said.

The police and other officials are also going to be more stringent with enforcing the regulations. 

So no more kasi chance, you may just end up being arrested if you flout the rules.

New ceiling price announced for face masks

Ceiling price for face masks.
This point is not specifically linked to Phase 2 of the MCO but Ismail Sabri brought it up and we thought you should know too.

The Government has decided to set the ceiling price for face masks at RM1.50.

This is RM0.50 lower than the previous ceiling price.

Ismail Sabri said that most masks available locally were imported from other countries and thus it is slightly difficult to set a low ceiling price but they will speak to the suppliers and review the price from time to time.

Life goes on

All the restrictions in a nutshell.
MCO, MCO Phase 2 or even if the authorities announced a full lockdown, life will still have to go on kan.

So keep practising good hygiene, comply to social distancing, follow good sneeze and cough etiquette and all the other things to stop COVID-19 from spreading further.

Why should you care? Well because our hospitals are already being pushed to the limit. 

If we lose our first line of defence, i.e. doctors, nurses etc, then we're all going to suffer.

Do you part. Stay at home. Stay safe.

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