Report: Malaysia Has Enough Rice To Last Us For Two And A Half Months

So, don’t waste food!

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Report: Malaysia Has Enough Rice To Last Us For Two And A Half Months
The Straits Times

We have enough, so don't need to stock up, OK?

If you've been out grocery shopping like it's your last day on earth, just chill out, OK?

We have enough food supplies to last us through the Movement Control Order (MCO) period - providing that it doesn't end in June.

We have enough rice

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry said that the country has enough rice supply to last two and a half months.

We believe that’s enough to sustain all of us for this short period of time!

The concern about the country running out of rice came up after Vietnam suspended its rice exports to Malaysia to ensure that they have enough for its people first.

Reuters reported that Malaysia has 500,000 tonnes of rice stocked up, and the country as a whole consumes about 200,000 tonnes a month.

We have enough rice, guys.
“Bernas acted early to secure rice export contracts until May 2020 from Vietnam even though it was at a high price.

“Our next step is to also purchase rice from other countries including Pakistan, India, Myanmar and Thailand,” the ministry told the news agency.

Malaysia reportedly imports about 30-40 per cent rice to feed its people.

So, please do not panic buy and stock up on rice, 'kay? We have more than enough to make nasi lemak.

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