Husbands, Here's A Handy Illustrated Guide To Help You Out With Grocery Shopping

Thank you, Tesco!

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Husbands, Here's A Handy Illustrated Guide To Help You Out With Grocery Shopping
Facebook/Tesco Malaysia

Helping you make the correct choices.

Are you the head of the family that is given a long list of grocery items to buy during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, but you're completely clueless and simply could not tell the difference between a Malaysian cucumber and a Japanese one?

Fret not; this local hypermarket is here to your rescue.

Helping you shop

In order to help ease the grocery shopping task for men, Tesco Malaysia has published a helpful guide to better their knowledge in vegetables, fish and poultry.

The supermarket had published a post on their Facebook page that read, “Now All Husbands Can Shop”, and shared photos showing the different cuts of a chicken and various types of fish and vegetables.

Know your chicken parts.
Know your fish too.
Vegetables are important too.

Know your bawangs too.
“To all the ketua rumah (head of household), we understand that things may get confusing at times like this. Use this handy guide for your grocery shopping trips,” read the post.

Actually we have to say, this illustrated guide is pretty handy.

The shopping guides came about when Senior Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof announced a couple of weeks ago that only the head of the family is allowed to go grocery shopping during the MCO period.

Many Malaysian husbands took on the responsibility, but the result was hilarious, as illustrated by this viral Facebook post:

Well, we hope Tesco Malaysia's guide will help you guys out. Good luck, gentlemen.

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