The Government Has Set Up A 600 Bed COVID-19 Treatment And Quarantine Centre In Serdang

It will be used for lower-risk cases

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The Government Has Set Up A 600 Bed COVID-19 Treatment And Quarantine Centre In Serdang
Muhyiddin Yassin on Facebook

All prepped and ready to go.

All COVID-19 patients in the country are currently being treated at various designated hospitals nationwide.

But what happens when the hospitals can't cope with growing numbers?

Thinking ahead, the Government has set up a COVID-19 Treatment and Quarantine centre, especially for lower-risk cases in Serdang.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin took a tour of the new facility at Taman Ekspo Pertanian Malaysia recently.

Checking on the new facility.

Measures for the future.

According to a post on the Prime Minister's Facebook page, the services available at the new facility will include:
  • Clinical facilities

  • Wards for COVID-19 patients

  • Resuscitation areas to stabilise patients in the event of an emergency

  • Ambulance services

  • Pharmacy services

  • X-ray facilties

  • A Pathology lab

Amenities put in place for patients

As for the patients, they will be provided with beds, tables, chairs, lockers, television sets, a lounge area, wifi, computers, toilets, a bathing area, a changing area, a lounging area and a surau.

Hospital beds being set up

CCTV cameras will also be installed to ensure the security and safety of all the patients and staff.

Facilities also put in place for those working there

For medical staff and others working at the facility, they will have a nurse station, a treatment room, a rest area, a changing and bathing area, a meeting and seminar area and a space for them to put on their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

All ready for the frontliners.

All the equipment needed.

All prepped to receive patients.

Muhyiddin said that the whole facility was set up in just three days.

Looks like everyone is all prepped but the best thing would be to do our best to keep the numbers as low as possible. 

Stay at home, stay clean, stay safe you guys!

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