KPWKM's Misogynistic COVID-19 Public Service Announcement Draws Flak Online

Netizens are not pleased.

  • Tuesday, 31 March 2020
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KPWKM's Misogynistic COVID-19 Public Service Announcement Draws Flak Online

Are we back in the 1920s?

Sexism seem to be rearing its ugly head, ironically, at the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM).

At least on their social media pages. 

'Sexist tone'

A public service announcement (PSA) posted on the Ministry's Instagram and Facebook pages titled 'Kebahagian Rumah Tangga Dibina Bersama - Bagaimana untuk elakkan pergaduhan suami insteri di rumah' (Household Happiness Is Achieved Together - How to avoid fights between spouses) has received the ire of netizens for its sexist tone. 
This post has been removed after backlash

While the texts in the images and captions can be deemed gender neutral (it is, after all, in Malay - a generally genderless language), the images accompanying the texts clearly depicts that housework is a woman's job, as is keeping the peace at home. 

Out of the three images posted, the second one that says "Jika melihat pasangan melakukan sesuatu yang bercanggah dengan kehendak kita, elakkan berleter - gunakan perkataan 'humourous' seperti 'cara sidai baju macam ni la, sayang' (tiru nada Doremon diikuti dengan gelak manja", drew the most ire.

[Translation: If you see your partner doing something against your wishes, avoid nagging - use humourous words such as 'this is how you hang the clothes, love' (copy Doremon's tone followed by a giggle)]. 

Update: The ministry has removed the post about using 'Doremon voice' but the other two, which are also sexist, are still up on their Facebook. 
Household chores are shared responsibilities
This one is not as bad as the other two
The whole post is so problematic, we don't even know where to begin! 

Netizens are not pleased

From implying that housework is not a shared burden and when men do it, it's to assist and not a part of their responsibility, to reducing a woman's worth to how 'cute' and conciliatory they can be, the post is extremely worrying in general.

But even more so because it's published on an official government's social media pages run by a ministry that is supposed to empower women, children and families. 

The post itself received only negative comments on Instagram, but many, including women's rights groups, have called out the ministry for the sexism shown in the post. 

That wasn't the only post by KPWKM that shows complete lack of respect for women and men (isn't it insulting to be labeled as someone who can't shop for basic household needs, clean, or appreciate women for all that they are and not what they can do for you?). 

Another post, calling mothers who work from home to dress 'pretty' and wear make up, has also gone viral and not for the right reasons.





This is shameful KPWKM! Your ministry is supposed to be about developing women, children and community, not bringing them down. 

We hope KPWKM somehow finds a way to fix this mess.

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