These Local Brands Donated Instant Hijabs So That Our Frontliners Can Work Comfortably

Malaysians with hearts of gold.

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These Local Brands Donated Instant Hijabs So That Our Frontliners Can Work Comfortably

We should support them now!

Everyday we hear stories about the challenges faced by our frontliners, and chief among them is the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitisers, and many more.
For our Muslim frontliners, working long hours in the hot PPE suit while wearing a hijab sounds like the most uncomfortable thing ever.
Therefore, frontliners have urged the public to come forward and help donate instant or preloved hijabs that they can use while on duty as the hijabs worn have been exposed and will be discarded after used.
Thankfully, some local muslimah brands have come forward to fulfill their duty for our frontliners who are working hard by putting their health at risk.
These are the brands we’ve found so far:

#1 Cloverush

Cloverush was probably the first who jumped on the donation train, giving out over 1,000 new instant hijabs to frontliners serving in hospitals around KL. The brand’s founder, Afidatul Na’ima, said that after hearing the plight of our frontliners working while wearing the uncomfortable PPE plastic suit, she feels that her cotton hijabs may be the best solution for them.

#2 TudungPeople


Please keep them all in your prayers. Pray for us, for them and all those affected too ❤

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About a week ago, TudungPeople donated instant hijabs to doctors and nurses too. Apart from hijabs, they’ve also donated a portable air conditioner, an extended working space for frontliners at Hospital Putrajaya, as well as food and groceries. Good job!

#3 Telekung Siti Khadijah

The popular telekung brand also did their part by donating 600 preloved telekungs as well 130 new instant hijabs to our frontliners. Acccording to them, the frontliners were happy to receive the prayer garments as they’ve been praying in their uniforms since the pandemic started.

#4 Farah Lee/Ommaesabel


How can I sit still, watching the frontliners risking their lives.? So there you go.! Been initiating this project since the second day of MCO, I am now happy to share it with you guys. . Nak jadi frontliners dah terlambat nak study or pergi training 😅 so Farah cuba cover area yang Farah ada experience iaitu clothing @ommaesabel dan crowd funding @fl.childrity. . Farah dah design a very simple disposable instant hijab untuk digunakan oleh female frontliners (Farah dah discuss with f&f frontliners, mereka memang kekurangan tudung pakai buang - since PPE kit tak cukup dan substitute head cover kadang tak properly cover tudung so agak insecure lah). . Bagi yang nak menyumbang, boleh buat online transfer pada account no di atas. Dan tolong share sekali pada orang lain jugak ya 🙏🏼 Kita sama-sama bantu mana yang kita mampu, inshaAllah dapat buat amal walau hanya #stayathome. #kitajagakita kan.? ❤️ #C19HijabProject

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The social media influencer has taken the initiative to start a crowdfunding campaign so that she and her brand can help produce simple disposable instant hijabs for our frontliners. Farah says she has raised RM18,000 so far and has designed the hijab after consulting with frontliners.

Honorable Mention: Datuk Radzuan Radziwill

Well done, sir!
The renowned local fashion designer has dedicated his free time during the Movement Control Order to sew PPE suits for our frontliners as our nation is currently facing a shortage. He has produced over 200 suits so far, and he plans to make 1,000 to 2,000 more PPE suits soon. All the best, Datuk! Putting those skills into good use.

Know any other brands who are doing the same thing to ease our frontliners' journey in battling COVID-19? Let us know in the comments section and we'll add it to the list.

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