Someone Threw Away Packs Of Unopened Gardenia Bread Loaves And Our Heart Is Broken

How selfish!

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Someone Threw Away Packs Of Unopened Gardenia Bread Loaves And Our Heart Is Broken
Facebook/万津区 Banting

Poor Gardenia bread.

We’re sure many of you went through the frustration of not being to find a single loaf of bread during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Needless to say, bread has been a hot commodity since the country was put on a lockdown.

So, imagine how Malaysians would react if they see several packs of unopened bread loaves sitting sadly beside a rubbish pile.

Hint: it's not pretty.

Selfish act

Several photos showing unopened bags of Gardenia bread lying in a rubbish pile went viral on social media recently, and it caused a pretty big hoo-ha among netizens.

The photos were uploaded on a community page for residents of Banting, Selangor called @Mybanting last Tuesday (31 March):

Ever since the MCO was announced, Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd announced that they were having trouble keeping up with the demands for bread.

So naturally, Facebook users were furious with the photos which reflect the selfish person behind the act.

“During the MCO, so many can’t find bread in the stores and here you have someone who bought it and decided to throw it away.

“Everyone, please don’t waste food. There are a lot of people who don’t have enough to eat,” said the page’s admin.

Our heart breaks.
Facebook users were united in calling the culprit greedy and unethical, while other users were not forgiving about the wasteful nature of hoarding.

Another Facebook user wrote that food dumping is akin to throwing away good fortune, and the culprits would be cursed with bad luck.

Sigh, if only the culprits had the decency to at least donate the bread to the needy.

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