A Group Of Malaysians Arrested By The Police For Buying Nasi Lemak At 2am

Because of food, go to jail.

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A Group Of Malaysians Arrested By The Police For Buying Nasi Lemak At 2am

Going to jail because of food.

It is true that food brings Malaysians together.

It is also true that if you buy food during the Movement Control Order (MCO) outside of the government-mandated times, Malaysians will get arrested together.

Clear breach of the MCO

A group of Malaysians learnt that the hard way when they got arrested for violating the government-issued stay at home orders.

Free Malaysia Today reported that a total of 24 people were picked up the police when they queued up to buy nasi lemak at a stall in Balik Pulau on Sunday (5 April).

Police officers who were patrolling the area reportedly spotted the group on the side of a kampung house in rural Mukim 3, Sungai Pinang at 2am.

When the officers ordered the group to disperse, they reportedly refused to do so.

That must be some really tasty nasi lemak.

Is the nasi lemak worth it?
Southwest district police chief A Anbalagan told the news portal that the police then arrested the group, including the two traders, and brought them to the Balik Pulau police station.

According to Anbalagan, they will be charged under Rule 11 (1) Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020, which, if convicted, carries a RM1,000 fine or jail time.

They will also be investigated under Section 269 of the Penal Code for committing a negligent act likely to spread infection of any disease dangerous to life, which, if found guilty, carries a maximum jail term of six months or fine.

We really hope the nasi lemak is worth all the trouble.

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