Red Zone Update: Cheras Joins 17 Other Areas Declared As COVID-19 Red Zones

Orange zones also increasing

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Red Zone Update: Cheras Joins 17 Other Areas Declared As COVID-19 Red Zones
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Checks to try and keep people within their districts.

Here's an update on all the red zones in the country so that you can practice extra caution.

According to a report by Malay Mail, Cheras is the latest district to be labelled as a red zone with 41 cases reported in the area.

We now have 18 COVID-19 red zones in the country.

The highest numbers are in KL



Lembah Pantai now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases, with Hulu Langat and Petaling Jaya recording second and third highest numbers.

Here's the numbers at a glance.

Lembah Pantai: 376
Hulu Langat: 318
Petaling: 292
Kuching: 165
Seremban: 156
Kluang: 147
Johor Bahru: 139
Kepong: 112
Klang: 109
Gombak: 100
Titiwangsa: 90
Kinta: 84
Kota Bahru: 82
Tawau: 67
Hilir Perak: 65
Jerantut: 60
Batu Pahat: 47
Cheras: 44

Orange zones also on the rise

Enforcement at different districts.

The district with the highest number of COVID-19 cases categorised under the orange zone is Rembau followed by Sepang and Lahad Datu.

Here's the orange zone figures at a glance.

Rembau: 40
Sepang: 39
Lahad Datu: 38
Jasin: 38
Putrajaya: 37
Seberang Perai Tengah: 37
Kuantan: 36
Kota Samarahan: 36
Kota Kinabalu: 34
Kuala Muda: 33
Kuala Selangor: 29
Muar: 29
Melaka Tengah: 28
Timur Laut: 27
Dungun: 27
Besut: 26
Hulu Selangor: 25
Kulai: 24
Kota Setar: 23
Alor Gajah: 23
Pekan: 22
Kuala Langat: 21

Zones and what they mean

The Ministry of Health has four main categories when it comes to COVID-19 zones in the country.

Red is for districts that have 41 cases and above, orange is for districts that have between 20 to 40 positive COVID-19 cases, red is for districts that have been 1 to 19 cases and green is for districts that have zero COVID-19 cases.

As of April 5, Malaysia has 3,662 confirmed cases with 61 people dying from the disease so far.

Do what you can to keep yourself and your community safe.

Do not travel out of your district as it is against the MCO and will also increase the risk of you bringing the disease to other areas in the country.

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