#MYHero: Abang Delivery Frontliner Dresses Up As Spider-Man To Brighten Up Customers' Days

A hero indeed.

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#MYHero: Abang Delivery Frontliner Dresses Up As Spider-Man To Brighten Up Customers' Days
Facebook/PDRM & Malay Mail

It's his duty to deliver the goods.

When one mentions frontliners, we will immediately think of all the hardworking medical professionals who are working around the clock to save the lives of those affected by COVID-19.

However, we believe that people like delivery workers should be mentioned in the same line as these medical professionals, because they've been working tirelessly to ensure that you get your food or parcel on time.

In fact, some would even go the extra mile, like this one delivery guy.

Going the extra mile

Malay Mail reported that a frontline delivery worker for Lalamove put a little joy in his work by dressing up as Spider-Man.

If you're wondering why this picture looks so familiar, it is because this abang rider was the same guy who got stopped by the police recently:

According to the logistics company, the man was stopped last week when he was doing his delivery rounds.

Rest assured, Mr Spidey had all his valid documents with him.

“We have issued a letter of permission to all our drivers in case they need to clarify with the officers if they are stopped at roadblocks during deliveries," the company told the news portal.  

His delivery senses are tingling.
Lalamove did not reveal who was behind the Spider-Man mask (we can confirm it's not Peter Parker), but they did say that the abang rider himself made the personal choice to don the costume to brighten the days of the customers.

You are indeed a true unsung hero, abang rider. Be safe out there, yeah?

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