Netizens Question Govt Decision To Place Quarantined Malaysians In 5-Star Hotels

Why the need to be so fancy?

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Netizens Question Govt Decision To Place Quarantined Malaysians In 5-Star Hotels
@AisyRumaisha Twitter

Looks like a staycation...

Earlier this month, the government announced that any Malaysians coming home from overseas would immediately be quarantined at a designated hotel effective 3 April.
Each person will get their own room, have meals sent to their room, and they will not be allowed to leave the room until the 14-day quarantine period ends.
Several Malaysians have shared photos of their accommodation upon their return but one girl received so much flak after sharing her quarantine experience.

Five-star treatment 

Twitter user @AisyRumaisha claims that she was sent by the government to stay in Hilton Petaling Jaya upon returning from her vacation in New Zealand on 5 April.
She shared photos of her spacious room which comes complete with a bathtub.
When a netizen asked whether she or the government is paying for the room, she claims that “it’s fully paid by the government including foods and wifi”.
The Instagram influencer also shared that she has been given a health evaluation form and will communicate with the authorities each day via WhatsApp and give them an update about her condition.
A lot of Malaysians were very unhappy with this, and claimed that it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money and the government has double standards when it comes to placing those who are returning to the country.
However, Minister of Defence Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob today told The Star that those who wish to stay in five-star hotels will have to bear the costs themselves.
Even if they had the means to do so, they would need to stay in hotels that are only gazetted by the government.
"When we enforced the compulsory quarantine, it was to be adhered by Malaysians returning from abroad as well as foreigners, such as ambassadors and diplomats entering the country.
"Embassies have approached us to allow their representatives to be quarantined at hotels and will bear the full cost of stay for their diplomats.
Ismail added that the government is paying a maximum of RM150 per day per person for their food and accommodation.
Well, something definitely doesn’t add up here. What do you think?

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