Speeding Lamborghini Huracan Caught On Camera Smashing Into Perodua Viva

Yikes, it’s not pretty.

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Speeding Lamborghini Huracan Caught On Camera Smashing Into Perodua Viva
Facebook/Xiiao Yong & Facebook/Azman Nor

Please do not speed.

Due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), the streets are pretty empty at the moment because, you know, you're not supposed to be on the road.

But you know Malaysians lah; an open road is basically an invitation for them to go as fast as they can.

Unfortunately, this incident is a clear example of why you shouldn't speed despite how empty the road is.

Couldn't stop in time

A video showing a Lamborghini Huracan smashing into a Perodua Viva has gone viral online.

According to a report by, the incident happened in Petaling Jaya. 

The sad state of the Lamborghini.
The 15-second video, likely recorded by a dashcam, shows the black and gold Lamborghini speeding through a bend but quicky finds itself stuck behind the Perodua Viva.

Instead of slowing down like we were taught in driving school, the driver in the Lambo decided to overtake the Viva despite the double white line.

Just as the Lambo driver was about to overtake the small little car, the Viva driver makes a right turn into a slip road.

The result of it wasn't pretty at all:

Smashed to pieces.
Here's the video of the accident:

Thankfully, none of the drivers were hurt (which was a miracle, considering how nasty the Viva looked after the accident).

According to the website, the driver in the Perodua Viva was a single mother who operates a home-cooked meal delivery service business and at the time of the incident, her sister was driving the car.

Before you pick up your pitchfork and demand the Lamborghini driver for his head, he owned up to his mistake by reportedly buying the woman a Perodua Myvi to replace her totaled Perodua Viva.

However, that doesn't make up for his irresponsible driving, but we can respect him for taking responsibility and owning up to his mistake like a true man.

Remember, kids: please do not speed on the road, however empty it may look.

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