Here's The Reason Why Your Home Internet Has Been So Sh*tty Recently


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Here's The Reason Why Your Home Internet Has Been So Sh*tty Recently
We are 23 days into the Movement Control Order (MCO), and it's safe to say that it has taken a toll on a lot of people.

Apparently, it has taken a toll on our home internet as well.

It was inevitable

If you've been experiencing slower than usual internet speed at home, there's a perfect explanation for it.

According to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the slowdown can be attributed to a surge in bandwidth demand since the MCO was implemented on 18 March.

MCMC said, in response to a report titled ‘Mobile Experience during the COVID-19 pandemic: 4G Download Speed released’ by Opensignal, that the increased use of video conferencing, shopping and learning online will inevitably cause the internet to slow down.

The MCMC also said in a statement cited by Malay Mail that nationwide internet usage has soared 23.5 per cent higher during the first week of the MCO period, and a further increase of 8.6 per cent increase in the second week.

“Greater data consumption could create congestion causing speeds to fall. This has affected the user experience whereby longer loading time is observed particularly while consuming bandwidth-intensive content such as streaming services on High Definition (HD),” MCMC further added.

The Opensignal report revealed that the 4G download speed in Malaysia has dropped to a measly 8.8Mbps last week, from 13.4Mbps on average in February.

And before you said that slow internet is such a Malaysian thing (although we know it kinda is), MCMC clarified that similar trends were also being observed globally, so it wasn't just us, guys.

To further add salt to wound

However, that wasn't the only reason why our internet speed has been so yucky these past couple of days.

Tech site reported that TM has detected faults on the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) submarine cables, which is adding to the internet woes in Malaysia. 

TM said in a statement the faults were dectected in Segment 3 of the cable system, located between Lantau in Hong Kong and Chongming in China.

The faults are reportedly affecting connections between Malaysia and the United States.

We are all connected.
As such, internet users in Malaysia may exprience longer load time when accessing websites hosted in Hong Kong and the US.

Thankfully, TM has completed mitigation works, as well as traffic rerouting and optimisation, to ensure that our sucky internet doesn't get suckier. 

So, bersabar lah at the moment, guys. Let's just hope we get our internet back as soon as possible.

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