During The MCO, Lee Chong Wei Is Teaching His Kids How To Play Badminton At Home

Learn to play like dad.

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During The MCO, Lee Chong Wei Is Teaching His Kids How To Play Badminton At Home
During an extended period of staying at home because of the Movement Control Order (MCO), it is important to keep your mind and body fit.

Former world number one badminton Lee Chong Wei knows all about staying fit.

And he also knows the importance of staying at home.

Therefore, he's decided to set up a makeshift badminton court at home for his kids.

Training the next world number one?

Future world number one in training?
The 37-year-old posted a video on his Instagram page on Sunday (12 April), showing him teaching his two kids how to play badminton at home.

For that purpose, he set up a temporary badminton court by utilising an empty space in his house and setting up a net.

In the video, the former Olympic silver medalist can be seen teaching his two sons, seven-year-old Kingston and four-year-old Terrance, how to serve the shuttlecock and some basic badminton drills:

“I think it’s a good yet difficult decision to extend the MCO to 28 April.

"All must take good care physically and mentally. Forget your frustration and fidgeting, and look at the bright side of spending more time with family. Remember, there are many people out there who suffer more than us, ” he wrote in the post.

LCW's video has raked in more than 336,000 views so far.

Hey who knows, by the time the MCO is lifted, LCW would've trained two future world champions, right?

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