Soon, You'll See This Robot Named 'Medibot' Doing Rounds In COVID-19 Hospital Wards

Just like Baymax.

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Soon, You'll See This Robot Named 'Medibot' Doing Rounds In COVID-19 Hospital Wards

Medibot is here to save the day.

Remember the cuddly nurse robot named Baymax in the popular animated movie 'Big Hero 6' that was created to treat or nurse someone back to health?

Well, we may soon have our very own Baymax doing their rounds in hospital wards (although not as cuddly).

High-tech features

Meet the team that invented 'Medibot'.
A team of Malaysian scientists from International Islamic University Malaysia has created a barrel-shaped robot on wheels to help medical frontliners care for COVID-19 patients, AFP reported.

Named the 'Medibot', the scientists hope that it could be deployed in COVID-19 wards to help minimise the contact between the medical staff and the patients.

The 1.5 meter-tall robot has a touch screen and a camera that patients can use to communicate remotely with medics.

It is also equipped with a device to check the patients' temperatures remotely.

Pretty cool, we have to say.

It comes with some cool features.
A member of the team, Zulkifli Zainal Abidin, told the news agency that the 'Medibot' was invented to help medical frontliners care for patients while maintaining social distancing.

As the 'Medibot' costs around RM15,000 to make, the university plans to test it first in their own private hospital.

If the trials are successful, they would then deploy it to government hospitals.

'Medibot', at your service.
We do hope we get to see a 'Medibot' at every hospital because that way, we could help save the lives of our medical frontliners.

Oh, and maybe they can consider renaming it Baymax? That would be so awesome.

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