These Are Some Of The Reasons Given By M'sians When Stopped At A Police Roadblock During The MCO

Like, seriously?

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These Are Some Of The Reasons Given By M'sians When Stopped At A Police Roadblock During The MCO

Poor cops have to listen to rubbish excuses.

Despite the stay-at-home order, Malaysians are still, for some strange reasons, going out.

We have no clue why, but we do have an indication of some of the excuses given by these Malaysians when stopped at a police roadblock.

Heavy vehicles avoiding other roadblocks

According to a report by Bernama, selfish Malaysians who insisted on going out despite the Movement Control Order (MCO) resulted in a kilometers-long traffic jam on main roads around the Serdang district.

Serdang district police chief ACP Ismadi Borhan told the news agency that after two additional roadblocks on Jalan Puchong, the police were greeted with a massive traffic jam which went viral on social media earlier this week.

Just look at all these people.
"As soon as we started this roadblock,  we found that several vehicles including heavy vehicles were using this road to avoid roadblocks at other locations," he was quoted as saying.

In total, ACP Ismadi estimated that around 100 heavy vehicles have used the route at any one time on Wednesday (15 April), which contributed to the mother of all traffic jams.

Irresponsible Malaysians also contributed to the jam

On top of the heavy vehicles that have been clogging up the roads, ACP Ismadi noted that there are a huge number of Malaysians who tried to flout the MCO directive.

And when stopped by the police at the roadblock, they gave some of the most bizarre reasons to why they were out and about.

According to ACP Ismadi, some of the reasons include:
  1. They need to send a cat to a girlfriend's house (??)
  2. They need to go to the pawnshop
  3. They are meeting up with friends

Yeah, we know; the reasons are absurd, and the police are fed up with Malaysians trying to flout the law.

Poor abang polis.
ACP Ismadi told Bernama that since 18 March, they have arrested 196 individuals and issued 143 compounds on those who disobeyed the MCO directives.

The police will no longer compromise with those who are adamant on breaking the law, and warned that the police will not hesitate to arrest those who are still stubborn.

"The public is advised to stay home as sterner action will be taken during the third phase of the MCO. We will arrest, remand and charge offenders in court,” he was quoted as saying.

Come on lah, you guys! We are so close to beating the COVID-19 pandemic, so please stay at home for just a week or so.

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