Two Ministers Were Proudly Out Having Lunch During MCO; Malaysians Pissed Off!

And one of them is a Deputy Health Minister!

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Two Ministers Were Proudly Out Having Lunch During MCO; Malaysians Pissed Off!
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Thank you for setting a bad example to the nation.

While the rest of Malaysia are being good citizens by staying at home and abiding to the Movement Control Order (MCO), there are some people who are still roaming freely outside, putting everyone at risk of an extension and even exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thousands have been caught and summoned to date, and the latest people who have gone viral for flouting MCO will trigger you. 

Malaysians are not happy

On Friday, Terengganu Chief Minister Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar shared a few photos of him having lunch with former Terengganu CM, Dato' Seri Ahmad Said, on his Twitter account.
He proudly captioned the photos by saying that he’s happy that they get to have a discussion in a cheerful and harmonious setting.
Naturally, netizens (including us) weren’t pleased with the photos as he looks like he has ‘forgotten’ the MCO existed and didn’t even bother to practice social distancing.
And on the same day, another minister who, of all people, should set a good example, the Deputy Health Minister, had the audacity to feast with about 20 people after giving out some donations in Lenggong, Perak.
Dato Dr Haji Noor Azmi shared a few photos of him stopping by a maahad tahfiz to give out donations, which included a few photos of him eating with a group of people in close proximity.
Malaysians wasted no time in bashing both ministers, saying that the government is practicing double standards as they were allowed to roam freely while the government is ironically asking everyone else to stay at home and practice social distancing:
We sincerely hope that the government will take legal action against these ministers as no one should be above the law, let alone be proud of breaking it without any repercussions.

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