Google Trips is the Only App You Need on Your Travels

You know who isn't using Google right now? People on their holidays, but Google's got a plan for them.

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Google Trips is the Only App You Need on Your Travels

"Yeah, great, another app that I can't even use overseas because I don't have data." Well, Google knows how useless apps can be when they're offline so they've worked around it and we're telling you the best feature of this app right off the bat. 

You can use this app offline. *MIC DROP*

Maps, itineraries, reservations, directions, addresses, you name it, it can all be accessed offline. No more hunting for Wi-Fi spots and trying to find the best mobile plan while you're away, just download everything you need unto your phone for a particular trip before you go. 

What does it do? 

For starters it collates information from gmail, and emails; information like flight details and hotel bookings and adds it into the app automatically. 
It also has maps for 200 cities around the world that you can download plus activities that you can do in that city. If you don't like what is suggested, just press the "magic wand" icon and more activities will be posted. 

All of the suggestions are based on historic visits by other travelers. You can build itineraries for your travels that include directions and points of interests all from the app. 

Why is Google doing this? 

Like we said, there is a group of people not using Google on a daily basis and that's the ones who are asleep, and the ones on holiday without an internet connection. It's also an avenue for Google to push certain attractions or hotels to you and it is at the end of the day, another way to get eyeballs on their product so advertisers can have access to said eyeballs. 

Get the app here and read more about it here

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