Food Delivery Rider Delivered Food Even After Meeting With Accident

What a dedication!

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Food Delivery Rider Delivered Food Even After Meeting With Accident

What dedication.

Most of us are staying in the comfort of our homes during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period and have been ordering food using food delivery services as it's convenient.

However, many of us do not think about the trials and tribulations that the person delivering the food has to go through to get it to us.

Not an easy job.

It’s not as easy as you think, guys!

Just read this story shared by Mohd Ikmal Hanif Bokhori on his Twitter page.

Last week, Mohd Ikmal ordered his dinner via GrabFood and his food was one hour late.

He later found out that his food rider met with an accident while trying to deliver his dinner.

“At first I thought it was taking a long time because there may have been a lot of orders with everyone staying at home. 

“But it took more than an hour for my food to arrive. When I went down to my apartment lobby they told me my food was at the reception counter.

“I saw the rider standing outside, so I went to talk to him and asked him what happened. His pants were torn, he had big wounds on his knees,” Mohd Ikmal told mStar, as quoted by a report in Malay Mail.

A close shave

Ikmal was informed by the rider that he fell off his motorbike on the wet road after trying to avoid hitting a car which came out of a junction without using an indicator. 

Determined to deliver food.The rider was then helped by a passerby.

“Luckily he managed to swerve and not hit the car. I felt bad for him. When I met him he was still in shock, his whole body was shaking.

“I offered to take him to the clinic, but he declined and said he just wanted to go home and see his wife. But I felt even worse because he kept apologising to me for being late.

“But I’m the one who’s sorry. Sorry for making him go through that. I feel really sad, but I’m also so impressed at his persistence. Even though he met with an accident and was shaking, he still kept the food box safe and intact.”

See guys? You never know what the food rider went through. 

Find out their side of the story before lambasting them for being late.

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