Over 53,000 Students Stranded At Campuses To Be Allowed To Return But Terms And Conditions Apply

They will be allowed to return starting 27 April.

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Over 53,000 Students Stranded At Campuses To Be Allowed To Return But Terms And Conditions Apply
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To return in batches.

Stranded and stuck at various campuses nationwide, the Government is finally loosening the MCO regulations and allowing them to return to their homes - terms and conditions apply.

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that about 53,000 students would be allowed to return to their homes starting next Monday (27 April).

Screening first.
"The movement will be done in batches, and they will only be allowed to return to green zone areas," he said.

Explaning further, he said that if the student's home was not located in a green zone, they could then opt to go to a relative's or friend's house in a green zone. 

"Students returning will have to undergo screenings first," he said, adding that the travel period for these students would be between 9pm to 9am to ensure that there was limited movement during the day.

Several option available

They can return now.
Ismail said that students will have two options - to take the bus (provided by the Government) or return home in their own vehicles.

"For those using busses, social distancing will be practiced even inside the bus. If a seat is meant for two people, only one person will be allowed to sit. If the bus can accomodate 40 people, only 20 will be allowed onboard," he said.

The busses will pick the students up from their campus and they will then be transported to the nearest police station or district office closest to their homes. 

From there Government agencies will send them to their houses.

"For students choosing to drive home themselves, they will not be permitted to cross state borders and can only drive alone," he said adding that these students will also need to get permission from the police first.

As for students returning to Sabah and Sarawak, they will have to take flights and land at airports closest to their homes.

Ismail said that they would then be quarantined for 14 days according to the standard operating proceduces practised by the Government there. 

"The Higher Education Ministry will announce further details on the matter," he said.

Some have decided to stay

He also added that about 15% of students have also decided to stay back at their campuses.

“Some campuses are providing online courses, some students may be sitting for their exams, or some may feel they would not be able to study back in their hometowns because they do not have Internet access.

“Students who choose to stay back will be taken care of, and the government will continue to provide them with food, ” he said.

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