20-year-old Malaysian Awarded NASA Scholarship After Beating Over 3 MILLION Participants

Definitely an out-of-this-world achievement!

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20-year-old Malaysian Awarded NASA Scholarship After Beating Over 3 MILLION Participants

Congratulations, you deserve it!

During the Movement Control Order, many of you have been doing a lot of interesting activities from becoming home chefs, barristas, TikTok influencers, and many more.
But for one Malaysian, he chose to use his time to chase his dreams.

Beat more than three million entries

Muhammad Azhar Ali was recently awarded a prestigious NASA scholarship after taking part in the Artemis Challenge organised by the space agency.
The competition’s task is to design a spacesuit interface that would adjust to the Artemis 2024 mission to Mars.

Azhar came up on top and received a super distinction score of 96.77 per cent, making him the top one per cent of all participants.
A total of 3,623,982 participants competed in the challenge and only 1.52 per cent of those participants who scored between 90 to 100 marks were awarded the scholarship.
This boy is so smart we're so jealous of him.
He is now officially NASA’s Citizen Scientist and will continue his studies at the National University of Singapore, which he will be fully funded by the NASA Degree Scholarship.
Azhar’s achievement even caught the attention of the Minister of Science, Technolgy & Innovation Khairy Jamaluddin, who invited him to the ministry and the Malaysian Space agency to discuss how they can encourage the next generation of young scientists.
Hundreds of Malaysians joined the Rembau MP in congratulating Malaysia’s next scientist.
Who knows, one day Azhar will be the next Malaysian to bring home the Nobel Prize.
All the best Azhar, looking forward to see your work in the future!

In the meantime, if you're a budding scientists or someone who loves space a lot, check out the other Artemis challenges by NASA here.

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