Malaysians Heartbroken Seeing Long Queues At Pawnshops On First Day Of Conditional MCO

Some people are having a harder time than us.

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Malaysians Heartbroken Seeing Long Queues At Pawnshops On First Day Of Conditional MCO

This is a sad sight.

On 4 May, the government kicked off the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), which saw the opening of many businesses and the a more relaxed set of rules.
Netizens shared photos to show how people are adapting to the CMCO, but there were a few that really struck a sad chord in our hearts.

Sad pictures go viral

Apparently, a lot of Malaysians have been queuing up outside of pawnshops in various parts of the country, with the lines reportedly getting longer as the day progresses.
People from all ages and races were seen trying to exchange something valuable to help ease their burden during the CMCO.
Some even shared stories of why those people were at the pawnshop, and be warned: the stories will break your heart.

Calls to open shops 

In an interview with Malaysiakini, pawnshop owner Freeman Tan says throughout MCO, he has been getting a lot of calls for him to reopen his shop as many are struggling to make ends meet and are desparate for cash.

"Most of the customers who came to pawn their items are those from the low income group who have been greatly affected by the MCO," Tan was quoted as saying.

Pawnshop owners recall sad conversations.
There were also customers who came back to redeem their possessions as they are afraid that their item will be sold once the pawned item expires.

Being able to work from home and still get paid is truly a blessing and privilege that not many people can enjoy.
We hope that things will get better for our fellow Malaysians and they are strong enough to survive through this difficult phase.

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