Dog Falls Into 100ft Ravine In Penang, Abang Bomba Comes To The Rescue

Good job guys!

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Dog Falls Into 100ft Ravine In Penang, Abang Bomba Comes To The Rescue
Penang Kini

Must be a traumatising ordeal for the dog.

Not too long ago, one of our policemen made headlines around the world when he helped rescue a puppy that fell into the drain.
And now, it’s time we give the same recognition to a group of firemen who embarked on a riskier dog rescue mission.

Operation rescue doggo

According to The Star, a dog that fell into a ravine in Tanjung Bungah, Penang was successfully rescued by a group of firemen.
Bagan Jermal Fire & Rescue operation officer Harris Hakimi Abu Hassan said the station received a distress call from the public at 2.32pm on Monday (4 May) and they reached the scene 10 minutes later.

“Upon arriving, we found that the dog had fallen into the ravine which was about 100 feet below."
"After a size-up, we decided to make a pulley system so that our men could go down and bring the dog up to safety," Harris said in a statement.
Despite facing slippery and dangerous slopes, the firemen managed to bring the dog to safety within two and a half hours.

Definitely not an easy task.
Netizens praised our firemen's efforts of saving the dog and thanked them for their service.
Kudos to all of our abang-abang bomba for rescuing the dog even though it must be very challenging to do so especially during this fasting month.

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