Museums Around The World Are Posting Photos Of Their Creepiest Possessions

So creepy!

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Museums Around The World Are Posting Photos Of Their Creepiest Possessions

When was the last time you visited a museum in Malaysia?

Well, if you can’t remember when, you should probably do so because you might find some interesting, unusual and even creepy objects there.

According to Unilad, museums from around the world are currently locked in a fierce battle over who has the creepiest exhibits.

It all started when the Yorkshire Museum, kicked off the challenge by posting a picture of an eerie hair bun taken from the burial of a Roman woman who lived way back in the third or fourth century.

In the posting, they challenged everyone with the caption, “Can you beat this?”.

Other museums joined in too

The hashtags #CuratorBattle and #CreepiestObject quickly spread on Twitter and other museums started posting their eerie possessions.

National Museums Scotland took the challenge up and posted a creepy, toothy mermaid.

“Many museums have one but they usually look more like our other ‘mermaid’...

We have a little more information about this one: The posterior half was formed from a Pacific wrasse, & the head/thorax were sculpted, with fish jaw inserted in the mouth. #CreepiestObject,” read the caption.

The Scarborough Museums Trust Collections shared a ‘pigeon heart stuck with pins for punishing a witch.


Berlin’s Deutsches Historisches Museum shared a sinister plague mask.

Here are a few other creepy rarities that were also posted under the hashtags.




Yes, the items are creepy but the backstories are fascinating.

Go check out the hashtags and learn a bit about the items on "display".

Just don't blame us if you have nightmares tonight!

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