Mind-Blowing: Syed Saddiq Exposes How Much Malaysian Ministers Actually Earn Monthly

The amount they receive for weird allowances is just absurd!

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Mind-Blowing: Syed Saddiq Exposes How Much Malaysian Ministers Actually Earn Monthly
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Wonder what other allowances do they get...

Recently, former Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq came under the spotlight once again after corruption allegations surfaced when he was still serving under the ministry (and also when RM250,000 was stolen from his house).
The Muar MP decided to clear the air by addressing each issue via his social media platforms.
But what sent shockwaves throughout the internet-sphere was Syed Saddiq’s disclosure and breakdown of how much ministers in the country make monthly.

A lot of allowances

 “Until now, I still don’t get why is there a need for ministers to accept bribery,” Syed Saddiq said.

“They receive high pay, high allowances. And the total isn’t even including the one-off payments received.”
Apparently, according to Saddiq, a Member of the Parliament, who was a former minister, makes about RM55,000 monthly.
And if you frequently go back to the area you’re serving or attend programs that are far from the office, you’ll receive additional incentives.
Wow, no wonder all the ministers can afford nice cars and houses...
As for allowances, ministers receive RM70,000 for annual vacations, RM180 per day for meals, RM10,000 if they’re moving out of their house, and probably the funniest if not absurd of them all, a one-off allowance for “pinggan mangkuk” which tallies up to RM42,000.
Even if you’ve been terminated from the post, you’ll also receive a one-off payment of RM150,000.
Many netizens praised the former minister for plucking up his courage and for being transparent with his earnings.

Some also felt sad and disappointed with the income disparity between ministers and the people:
So, did this new discovery leave you speechless or were you already expecting it?

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