If You Don't Behave, The Government Will Revert Current Relaxed MCO Back To The Stricter MCO

Let this be a warning.

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If You Don't Behave, The Government Will Revert Current Relaxed MCO Back To The Stricter MCO

If you don't listen, we're all doomed.

Earlier this month, the government decided to loosen up the Movement Control Order (MCO) to enable the local economy to restart.

The Conditional MCO (CMCO) allows certain businesses and offices to reopen, and Malaysians to move around to a certain degree, but they must adhere to certain rules.

But of course, there are some Malaysians who totally ignore the rules and treat the CMCO as a passport to move around and go shopping (tsk!).

Be warned, though: the government may very well decide to enfore the MCO once again.

Do not be complacent

We do not want to go home, please!
Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob told The Star Online that the government is currently keeping tabs on the situation, and if they receive reports that Malaysians are misbehaving, they'll not hesitate to 'lock' us up again.

The Minister said that the government relaxed the rules just a little bit to so that people can go back to work.

However, the authorities are reportedly still receiving a high number of non-compliant cases.

“It is not impossible for us to revert [back to the MCO] if authorities report a high number of non-compliant cases," he warned.

Therefore, Ismail wants Malaysians to follow the standard operating procedures set during the MCMO if they want to enjoy their 'freedom'.

“So, let us all follow the rules and enjoy a slightly relaxed environment, rather than have our movement restricted again,” he was quoted as saying.

This came after a video clip showing Malaysians gathering around, with no social distancing, while buying food at Desa Pandan went viral on social media. 

The Minister has confirmed the authenticity of the viral clip, and that is the exact situation the authorities want to avoid.

So boys and girls, if you do not want to spend another two months locked up at home, please follow the SOPs and stop being a disobedient child, OK?

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