Malaysian Becomes Internet Sensation For 'Blow-Drying' Donald Trump’s Hair On TV

He should be Trump’s stylist!

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Malaysian Becomes Internet Sensation For 'Blow-Drying' Donald Trump’s Hair On TV
Facebook/Yus Zulkifli

Looking good, Mr President.

Everybody seems to be on TikTok nowadays, with all the free time available thanks to the stay at home period.

Many Malaysians also jumped on the TikTok bandwagon, coming up with amusing and creative videos to keep themselves entertained.

One Malaysian’s creative TikTok video, however, has made him an overnight sensation on social media.

'Spur of the moment' thing

Just a little touch up, sir.
TikTok user Yus Zulkifli created a witty video of himself blow-drying United States president Donald Trump’s hair as it swayed in the wind during one of his recent press conferences.

His video was so funny, it has since garnered over 2.5 million views, with over 75,000 shares on Facebook alone.

“I’m really surprised because I think in less than a week it reached a million views and now it’s more than two million.

“When I posted it on Facebook, after an hour there were around a hundred shares already, then a little while later it was in the thousands, then ten thousands. It just kept going,” he told Malay Mail.

Yus shared that he recorded the video as a 'spur of the moment', hence the just-average video quality. 

“I was blow-drying my hair and at that same time, I was watching a video of Trump giving a speech on YouTube.

“When I saw his hair waving around in the wind, I thought ‘Okay I’ll just do it’ since I wanted to update my TikTok page anyway,” he said, adding that Trump’s hair still looks good for his age.

Hey, who knows; maybe Donald Trump would hire Yus Zulkifli as his personal hairstylist in the future.

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