Pos Malaysia Responds After Nationwide Backlash, Says They Have Staff’s Welfare At Heart

But still no bonus for our hardworking postman.

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Pos Malaysia Responds After Nationwide Backlash, Says They Have Staff’s Welfare At Heart
Bloomberg via The Star/Pos Malaysia Berhad

Justice for Pos Malaysia staff!

Recently, Pos Malaysia Berhad incurred the wrath of angry Malaysians after news about the company cutting their staff’s annual bonus surfaced on the internet.
Malaysians felt that our hardworking Abang Posmen and PosLaju should be rewarded as they’ve been working around the clock to make sure that parcels get delivered on time, especially throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.
On Tuesday (19 May), the company finally issued a statement via its Facebook page to address the backlash from netizens.

They have staff's welfare at heart 

Pos Malaysia says that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses globally, including their company.

“Despite public impression that the surge of parcel volume during the MCO is showing that business is good for Pos Malaysia, the truth is, we are far from it. It is not enough to cushion the impact that the pandemic has caused on our overall business,” Pos Malaysia said.
The national postal service added that while other companies have resorted to salary reductions or job cuts, their company will “continue to protect the livelihood of 15,000 frontliners and operational support employees.”
“We can’t stop the general perception against us right now. But we assure everyone that we have our people’s welfare at heart, and we are providing them the best support as we possibly can at this time.”
Thank you for all of your hardwork!
Although there are several Malaysians who tried to sympathise with the company but many were still not too please with their explanation.
“If each year you reach deficit while the number of parcels are increasing, then there is something wrong with your management. Get the right person to run the business,” Facebook user Ji R Ah commented.
Some suggested tipping the riders or mailman and some even demanded a transparent plan on how they plan to take care of their staff’s welfare during this crisis.

We hope that Pos Malaysia would at least give our hardworking Abang Posmen or PosLaju a small token of appreciation for the upcoming festive season or offer a better solution for them.

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