Gamer Creates Virtual Hari Raya Moments Including A Family Kampung Photoshoot

Missing the kampung vibe

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Gamer Creates Virtual Hari Raya Moments Including A Family Kampung Photoshoot

One for the album.

Not being able to Balik Kampung is a reality for most Malaysians celebrating Hari Raya this year.

Choosing to keep your family safe by #rayadirumahje is the most responsible thing to do in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Missing Raya moments at her kampung, avid Sims gamer, Fairuza, decided to recreate some of them virtually.

"A lot of people have been building kampung houses (in The Sims game) but I thought I would go a step further." 

"I decided to create scenes that are typical Raya traditions. As a kid, I used to play bunga api with my cousins during malam raya and we would have a bbq too," she said when speaking to Rojak Daily.

Playing bunga api with Atuk.

Fairuza, who has been a Sims player for about 15 years now said that it takes about two to three hours to create each scene on the platform.

Other scenes include her Sims family enjoying some kuih raya and even a family photoshoot.

Some light conversation while enjoying various kuih raya.

Everybody say cheese.

Fairuza said that her grandparents have since passed away but in recent years, the family would gather at their's aunt's house in Kuala Lumpur.

"But this time we have chosen to stay at home rather than getting together since most of my family members are old," she said.

For all to see

Fairuza usually posts her creations on social media for friends to enjoy as well. 

Other than the recent Raya related posts, Fairuza also recreated a scenes from a mamak which she has shared on her Instagram page. 


"My friends are very supportive and they really love them," she said adding that creating cultural related scenes on The Sims was her way of paying homage to Malaysian culture.

Freestyle ya'll.

We love the effort Fairuza. Keep sharing so that we can all have a blast (virtually at least) for Hari Raya.

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