Three Boys Let A Black Widow Bite Them In Hopes Of Turning Them Into Spider-Man

Obviously it didn't work out.

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Three Boys Let A Black Widow Bite Them In Hopes Of Turning Them Into Spider-Man
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That didn't go as planned.

We all have our favourite superheroes, and while some of them are a little bit hard to relate to (like Tony Stark and his gazillion dollars), there are those who are a bit more relatable.

Three boys from Bolivia wanted to become their favourite so much, they were willing to do anything.

Including being bitten by a highly venomous spider.

Not a smart move

 reported that the three unnamed boys, aged eight, ten and 12, were rushed to the hospital after they provoked a black widow (no, not Scarlett Johansson) into biting them so they could turn into Spider-Man.

The boys, from the town of Chayanta in Bolivia, reportedly found the venomous spider while tending to the sheep owned by the family.

Thinking that a spider bite would give them superpowers like Spider-Man, just like Peter Parker in the comics, the boys provoked the black widow with a stick.

The clearly-irritated spider decided to teach the boys a very painful lesson, by sinking its fangs into their skin.

Instead of developing superpowers like wall-climbing, superhuman strength and agility, they developed super-symptoms related to the venomous bite such as abdominal cramps, spasms and increased heart rate.


'Look, ma, I've got super-symptoms'
The boys' mother quickly rushed them to the Chayanta health centre upon finding them crying as a result of the symptoms.

They were given medicine to alleviate the pain, but when that failed, they were sent to a hospital in the town of Llallagua, before being transferred to the Children’s Hospital in the Bolivian capital of La Paz.

According to the Head of Epidemiology of the Health Ministry, Virgilio Pietro, the boys continued to suffer from fever, muscle pains and generalised trembling.

It wasn't until they were treated with a serum that their conditions improved.

After spending five days in the hospital, the boys were discharged and allowed to go home to their family.

We really do hope they learnt their lesson.

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