'I Was Scared But I Had To Help', Says Man Who Saved Lizard Whose Head Was Stuck In Can

It was the right thing to do

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'I Was Scared But I Had To Help', Says Man Who Saved Lizard Whose Head Was Stuck In Can
Sofian Adnan

Helping the helpless.

We love people who take the trouble to be kind to animals.

But what if the animal itself is a scaly, scary looking one? 

Would you still go out of your way to help it?

While most of us would probably stay away due to fear, 25-year-old Sofian Adnan did precisely the opposite.

A kind heart.

A strange sighting 

"I was on my way to my in-law's house in Batu Pahat, Johor on the first day of Raya when I spotted something strange on the road." 

"After getting closer, I realised that it was a monitor lizard with its head stuck in a sardine can," he said when speaking to Rojak Daily

Sofian said that he stopped his car and observed the animal for a bit to see if it could free itself, but it looked like it was struggling. 

I need help!

"I was scared to approach, but I pitied the creature and so I got down of my car and tried to free it," he said.

Sofian said that in his mind he was ready to run as soon a the lizard was freed.

"I was afraid that it would attack, but it did not. I removed the can and ran near my car. It looked at me, and then it just walked to the forested area nearby," he said.

Sofian added that his wife, who was in the car together with his 5-year-old son decided to take a video of the incident and later posted it online for fun.

Sofian and his beautiful family. 

Rescue video loved by netizens

Sofian said that he never expected the video of his small act to go viral.

"I've gotten hundreds of messages for people praising me for what I did. It was really nothing," he said.


As for the lesson to be learnt from the experience, Sofian said that he hoped Malaysians would be more careful when throwing away rubbish. 

"We share the world with animals. Don't throw rubbish all over the place. Innocent animals may be victimised by your irresponsible act," he said.

Awarding acts of kindness

Meanwhile, Malaysia Animal Association president Arie Dwi Andika said that the organisation would be awarding Sofian for his act. 


"It's not often that you see a person rescuing a non-companion animal or one that most people would classify as a pest," he said.

He added that the organisation would be giving Sofian a token of appreciation, a certificate, and some goodies to recognise his act of kindness.

"He's currently in Johor so we'll probably do this once the MCO is over," he said when contacted.

Well done Sofian! 

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