This State Has The Worst 'Balik Kampung' Offenders During Raya Period, According To Senior Minister

Naughty fellas, all of you!

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This State Has The Worst 'Balik Kampung' Offenders During Raya Period, According To Senior Minister

Sorry bro, you may not pass.

When the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) was announced on 1 May, there were fears that irresponsible Malaysians would (mis)use the opportunity to balik kampung, considering that the Hari Raya holidays were just around the corner.

Lo and behold, the police manning roadblocks nationwide had to ask thousands of vehicles to turn back a couple of days leading up to the festive period.

In fact, stubborn Malaysians were still trying to force their way through the roadblocks up until Tuesday (26 May).

Thousands forced to turn back with the highest number

The police are not messing around.
Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said during his press conference on Wednesday (27 May) that the authorities stopped a total of 824 vehicles that attempted to travel across state borders on Tuesday alone.

According to Malay Mail, the police inspected 127,672 vehicles in 155 interstate roadblocks throughout the country.

Of that, the 824 vehicles that did not get clearance to travel between states were ordered to turn back.

The number was an increase of 86 vehicles compared to the previous day, Sabri revealed.

Overall, the police turned back a total of 16,132 vehicles from 15 May to 26 May, according to the numbers released by the Minister:

That's a lot of people.
The police also reportedly arrested 136 individuals on Tuesday for flouting CMCO rules.

On top of that, the police also issued compounds to 534 individuals for committing various offences, including 25 for Aidilfitri house visitation.

The state with the most offenders

Based on the numbers provided by Sabri, the states that recorded the most failed balik kampung  trips during the Hari Raya period were Selangor (2,075), Melaka (1,088), Penang (480) and Kedah (413).

Stubborn Malaysians are everywhere.
“I would like to remind everyone again to obey the standard operating procedures and rules issued by the government.

“Your cooperation and self-discipline will go a long way in helping the police in their duties. I believe if we all adhere to the SOP and discipline ourselves, action will not be taken by the authorities against us,” Sabri was quoted as saying.

Now you guys know that the authorities are not messing around, so please stay where you are for now.

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