Malaysian Teenager Vows To Collect Rubbish For 23 Days To Celebrate Birthday

A noble effort.

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Malaysian Teenager Vows To Collect Rubbish For 23 Days To Celebrate Birthday
Hazmi Nabil Mahmad Faisaal

Caring for mother nature.

Turning 18 is an exciting time for most teens.

It's usually celebrated with cake, friends and a party.

For Hazmi Nabil Mahmad Faisaal, however, he decided to celebrate his 18th birthday differently. 

Instead of the usual fuss, Hazmi made a pledge to pick up rubbish for an hour a day for 23 days.

A love for the environment

"Honestly, I've been picking up trash for years now. It's my way of giving back to society and showing my love for the environment."

"The difference is that this year I decided to make a pledge and post it on social media," he said when speaking to Rojak Daily.

Hazmi has been posting diligently about his garbage collection efforts from his neighbourhood in Bangi since his birthday on 23 May.

"It's been surprisingly fun. People are starting to recognise me, and I get the random uncle or aunty saying hi and sometimes hoots and the thumb-up from passing cars," he said.

On top of posting pictures from his daily sessions, Hazmi also updates followers on the kinds of rubbish he collected for the day.

Litter, litter, everywhere

"Sometimes people don't even realise that they're littering. For example, on one of the days, I found a lot of firework remnants around the field area." 

"It was just all over the place," he said.

Other surprising finds include 3 handphones disposed of in one area.

"Some online friends have said that they could probably be burner phones, but I don't know. I tried switching them on. They don't work," he said.

Youths unite

Hazmi, who is originally from Langkawi, said that he hoped his efforts would inspire other youth to do the same. 

"I hope to one day start a nationwide rubbish collection initiative involving the youth. We could set aside one day a month and just collect rubbish together," he said.

Caring for the environment.
As for those who are planning to follow in Hazmi's footsteps, he's got a little advise for you.

"Make sure you wear gloves. If it's layered, that would be better. Bring a spray type sanitiser and immidiately sanitise once you're done. Lastly, always remain humble," he said.

Wise words from this environmentally conscious teen.

Great effort Hazmi!

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