Japanese Man Shows The Amount Of Cigarette Butts He Picked Up On The Streets Of Putrajaya

What a shame.

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Japanese Man Shows The Amount Of Cigarette Butts He Picked Up On The Streets Of Putrajaya

Guys, can we please pick up our own rubbish?

It's no secret that the Japanese has a great reputation when it comes to cleanliness, and it was on full display when they cleaned up an entire stadium after a 2018 World Cup match.

So, it should come as no surprise that a Japanese man would help us clean up our own streeets (althought it is something that we Malaysians should do, not a guest in our country).

The shocking thing, however, is the amount of trash he picked up.

Mountain of cingarette butts

The Japanese man, known only as Nana, took to his Twitter page to share share a picture of the amount of cigarette butts he managed to pick up during a clean-up run earlier this year.

According to Nana, he picked up more than 4,500 cigarette butts at the Ayer@8 area in Putrajaya in less than one and a half hours.

Nana wrote in Japanese: “So many cigarette butts littered everywhere”, accompanied by a crying emoji.
  Nana, who's currently residing in Cyberjaya, then revealed in another tweet (in Bahasa Malaysia, nonetheless) that he picked up the trash during a gotong-royong with environmentalist group Trash Hero Putrajaya a few months ago.
  He also said that he likes to volunteer for various charity initiatives.

In fact, he shared another picture showing a heap of plastic bottles he and his fellow friends collected near Gem In Mall at Cyberjaya before the Movement Control Order (MCO) started in March:
To be honest, we feel a bit malu because a Japanese man is helping us clean up the mess we made in our very own country.

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