Go On A Tour Around Zoo Taiping And Night Safari With Their Virtual Tour Programme

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Go On A Tour Around Zoo Taiping And Night Safari With Their Virtual Tour Programme
Facebook/ Zoo Taiping

Meet their animal friends - virtually.

Looks like a lot of businesses have resumed operations or, at the very least, hoping to open up, as we inch closer to the return of normal life.

One such business is the Zoo Taiping and Night Safari.

And to help prepare the zoo for reopening whenever the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) is lifted, they are going high tech.

It's just like you're right there

They are bringing the zoo to you!
Zoo Taiping and Night Safari has embarked on a virtual tour programme to get visitors ready to return to the zoo when it is deemed safe to do so.

The virtual tour programme features a series of videos where the zoo's park rangers will be bringing you on a tour around the zoo, and at the same time, introducing you to their animal friends.

They even have a tagline for the programme: “Online Now Onsite Later”.

According to a report by Malay Mail, quoting the zoo's director Dr Kevin Lazarus, the first video was released on 23 May featuring their friendly orang utan.

“We hope to release at least two videos weekly until MCO is lifted,” he told the news portal.

Dr Kevin also added that the zoo's financial situation is pretty dire due to the CMCO period, with an estimated RM400,000 losses monthly.

“Of the amount, food for the animals amount the most at RM170,000 monthly,” he was further quoted as saying.

However, Dr Kevin hopes things will turn for the better once the zoo resumes its operations.

The zoo will follow the proper standard operating procedures (SOP) dictated by the government, including taking visitors’ body temperature and contact details.

So guys, please support our zoos, yeah?

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