Dr Noor Hisham Receives Stunning Painting Titled ‘Deceptive Beauty’ From His Friend

True friendship!

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Dr Noor Hisham Receives Stunning Painting Titled ‘Deceptive Beauty’ From His Friend
Facebook/Dr Noor Hisham

Friendship goals lah, this one!

During the whole COVID-19 pandemic, there's one figure who we all look up to: Health director-General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. 

His humbleness and his hard work in the face of chaos has inspired and touched a lot of Malaysians.

So, it's only fair for Malaysians to shower the Malaysian hero with praises and gifts.

A painting from a friend

The humble doc recently shared a few photos of him standing in front of a COVID-19 painting that has touched his heart.

He said in the Facebook post that the painting was a gift from his friend, former University of Malaya (UM) lecturer Datuk Halimah Mohd Said.

A painting from a friend.
“My heartfelt appreciation to YB Datin Halimah for this beautiful piece of art which she had painted herself.

“A meaningful tribute to all those on the frontline and behind the scenes fighting in our war against Covid-19,” he shared.

Halimah told Malay Mail that she was inspired to paint the coronavirus when one of her grandchildren tested positive for the virus.

(Her granddaughter has since fully recovered)

“I Googled some images and found them to be quite beautiful artistically.

“I decided to do a collage of four images in different colours and hues.”

Halimah shared that the painting is titled ‘Deceptive Beauty’, which represents the insidious and deadly nature of the coronavirus.

The 73-yeae-old also said that she first knew Dr Noor Hisham through her niece, who was his colleague at Putrajaya Hospital.

Datuk Halimah Mohd Said and her painting.
While the 73-year-old started painting in 2000, she began exploring it seriously in 2018 and has since successfully curated a few art exhibitions.

Dr Noor Hisham and Datuk Halimah are certainly #FriendshipGoals lah! Cheers to the great bond between the both of them!

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