Netizens Furious Over The Stupidest Challenge On The Internet – The George Floyd Challenge

Some people just don’t have brains.

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Netizens Furious Over The Stupidest Challenge On The Internet – The George Floyd Challenge

This is so wrong and disturbing!

As the world watches on in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, people around the world have joined forces to spark movements demanding justice, and especially in America, comes good causes to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
However, the incident has also led to a distasteful challenge that's taking over the internet – the George Floyd challenge.

Such distasteful videos

Over the past few days, disturbing clips have surfaced where people attempt to recreate Floyd’s harrowing experience by putting their knees on a friend’s neck while filming it.
The videos have led to an outrage on the internet as many are shocked to see such insensitive acts during this testing period.

Protesters marching in the name of George Floyd in US.

Social Media Platforms On The Crackdown

According to Business Insider, Facebook and Instagram have banned the hashtag but it is still available on the viral video platform, TikTok.
A Facebook spokesperson said the posts were removed on their site for "violating our Community Standards" because they were "encouraging participation in a high-risk viral challenge."

A quick check on the platform by Rojak Daily also confirms that the hashtag and videos are indeed still on TikTok at the time of posting.

The Challenge Will Land You In Jail

Over in the UK, atleast three people have been arrested for participating in the disturbing challenge.
They were arrested on suspicion of causing anxiety and distress and the incident is being treated as a hate crime.
More reportedly will face action soon.
Netizens around the world are outraged by this despicable challenge and aired their grievances and anger on Twitter.
We hope that every social media platform in existence will work collectively in removing the hashtag and entire challenge on their platforms.

George Floyd’s death doesn’t deserve to be made into a joke let alone an internet challenge. We are better than this, you guys.

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