Abang Polis Clear The Way For Woman Driving Her Sister Who Was Going Into Labour To The Hospital

Well done, PDRM!

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Abang Polis Clear The Way For Woman Driving Her Sister Who Was Going Into Labour To The Hospital

Abang-abang polis to the rescue.

Imagine driving through heavy traffic and maneuvering your way between vehicles just to send a pregnant lady who is in labour to the hospital in time.

Sounds like a script from a movie, right?

Unfortunately for this woman in Rawang, the exact scenario happened to her last week. 

Drove as fast as she could

Ahh, the bane of all Malaysians!
According to a report by Malay Mail, Nor Athirah Adnan was ferrying her pregnant sister, who was in labour, to the Selayang Hospital.

However, being in Malaysia, the infamous traffic would throw a spanner into whatever plans you have.

It did not help that her sister was having contractions in the car.

“Yesterday, I was driving my sister to the hospital. Every time she had a contraction in the car I became nervous.

“The road was jammed up, so I turned on my hazard lights and drove as fast as I could,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Luckily for her, she came across a few policemen along the way, but she didn’t have time to stop and ask for help.

Abang-abang polis lending a hand.
Instead, she sped past them.

“I was driving fast and I came across a few policemen. I cut past them and my exhaust pipe must have caught their attention.

“When I finally had to stop at a traffic light, they came over to ask me what was going on and I just pointed to my sister who was enduring the pain in the back seat,” she explained.

Our men in blue wasted no time clearing a path for Nor Athirah to drive through.

“They instantly asked me to drive and they escorted up all the way to the hospital. It was such a smooth ride,” she said.

In another update posted on her Facebook page, she said that her sister gave birth to a healthy baby and both mother and child are doing fine.

She also wished that she had spoken to the policemen who helped her get to the hospital in record time as she didn’t have the opportunity to thank them when she was rushing.

Thank you, abang-abang polis, for going beyond your duty!

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