This Megastar Athlete Is Now Officially Football's First Ever Billionaire

Well, it's not really a surprise.

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This Megastar Athlete Is Now Officially Football's First Ever Billionaire

Beckham or Ronaldo: who has more moolah?

Well, when it comes to money and total net worth, no one can beat Amazon owner Jeff Bezos:

But for an athlete, who is currently in his 30s and still active in his sport, to be labeled a 'billionaire' is a pretty big deal.

Only the third active athlete to hit the mark

Financial website Forbes has recently announced that one footballer has officially achieved billionaire status.

And nope, we know who you're thinking about, but it's not David Beckham.

He is none other than Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

All hail billionaire Ronaldo.
According to Forbes, the 35-year-old earned an eye-watering USD105 million (RM447 million) before taxes and fees in 2019.

The number helped him secure the number four spot on the 2020 Forbes Celebrity 100 list, one spot ahead of his mortal rival, fellow footballer Lionel Messi.

Forbes revealed that Ronaldo has made a total of USD650 million (RM2.77 billion) on the football pitch during his 17 years as a pro, and his current contract with Italian club Juventus is expected to push his career earnings to USD765 million (RM3.26 billion) when it runs out in June 2022. 

His contract with Nike is pretty lucrative.
Coupled with his 427 million followers across all his social media platforms -- he reportedly charges USD975,000 (RM4.15 million) per post on Instagram -- and his USD20 million (RM85 million) annual contract with Nike, Ronaldo is by far the most profitable athlete on the planet.

Oh, in case you're wondering, marketing giant Beckham retired with 'just' USD500 million (RM2.13 billion) in his bank account.

David Beckham is nowhere near Ronaldo.
With that amount of money in his pocket, Ronaldo became the first athlete to reach such heights in both football and a team sport.

In fact, he is only the third athlete to hit the billion mark while still playing, after golfer Tiger Woods in 2009 and boxer Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

Well, we guess Ronaldo now has plenty of moolah to splurge on his favourite toys:


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