UPDATE: RapidKL Made A U-Turn. You Will Have To Maintain Social Distancing On Trains

Until further notice

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UPDATE: RapidKL Made A U-Turn. You Will Have To Maintain Social Distancing On Trains
Rapid KL

Stay at least 1 metre away from each other

UPDATE: After some backlash and statement by Security Minister Ismail Sabri, who said the special meeting that decides on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) has not agreed to allow Rapid Rail to discontinue social distancing, the rail company has made a U-turn. 

According to Astro Awani, Rapid Rail has decided to continue imposing social distancing measures until the government says otherwise. 

The Health Ministry also tweeted about the matter, urging passengers to maintain a one-metre distance between each other at all times. 


Earlier announcement by Rapid KL said trains will run at full capacity

Social distancing practices in public places is probably one of the best things that happened during the Movement Control Order (MCO), not only because it helped mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but also because you didn't have people who don't understand the concept of personal space in your face. 

But those good old times are coming to an end as soon as tomorrow (10 June) - at least in trains run by Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd (i.e. LRT, MRT and Monorail). 

Earlier, in a statement shared on Rapid KL's Facebook, the train operators said that as the country transitions to the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), the company will run at full capacity and social distancing will no longer be imposed. 

Please don't stand this close. Ever
Rapid Rail's chief executive officer Abdul Hadi Amran said said the decision was made following the Transport Ministry's latest SOP during the RMCO, which allows 100 per cent capacity for all trains except for ETS and intercity KTM trains. 

"Social distancing signages inside trains and at the stations have already been removed. 

"However, health and safety procedures will be continued. Rapid Rail calls on its customers to be disciplined and follow the 'new normal' to ensure that all our hard work towards containing COVID-19 continues to be effective," Abdul Hadi said. 


What are the health and safety procedures being observed?

Wear your masks
According to the statement, Rapid Rail will continue to take measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spread. 

The measures taken includes taking the temperature of staff and customers. Those with a body temperature of 37.5 degree Celsius will not be allowed to enter the stations and will be advised to seek medical attention. 

Also, everyone is required to wear masks in the trains. You will not be allowed to board the trains if you're not wearing one. 

Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided and used. Passengers are encouraged to use the sanitisers available at the stations. 

Passengers are also encouraged to use cashless systems such as Touch N' Go and monthly passes when using public transportation. 

Besides that, customers are also encouraged to use the MySejahtera app to key in their whereabouts and movements. 

"Sanitising of the trains and stations will continue to be done. We would like to thank all Rapid KL users for their cooperation.

"Let us all practice the 'new normal' in our lives so that we ca get through this recovery period safely," Abdul Hadi said. 

For more updates, visit RapidKL's Facebook and Twitter or call 03-7885 2585.

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