Doodler Draws Disney Characters Wearing Malaysian Traditional Attire

Have you seen Moana in kebaya guys?

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Doodler Draws Disney Characters Wearing Malaysian Traditional Attire

A cool take no classics.

Have you ever imagined your favourite Disney character wearing traditional Malaysian attire?

You can’t even imagine such a thing?

Don’t worry, Malaysian architect and doodler Amir Sabri has got you covered!

Born with the creative gene.

A traditional take

According to a report by Malay Mail , quoting Coconuts KL, Amir’s works of art, mostly posted on his social media accounts (especially on TikTok), have been gaining a lot of attention among netizens.

Amir’s works which include Moana in a kebaya which he drew for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and Tarzan in traditional Dayak attire, were inspired by TikToker Aprilia Muktrina, who threw an online challenge after drawing 'Frozen'’s Elsa in a traditional Indonesian attire.

Changing it up.

Aprilia posted the Elsa versi Jawa Tengah (Central Javanese version of Elsa) video on 5 May. 

A TikTok hit

Inspired by the challenge, Amir decided to localise Moana's attire using the Procreate digital painting app.

Amir uploaded the video to TikTok on 16 May, and it has been viewed over 35,000 times now.


“I received positive responses from my social media friends. They asked for more traditional attires with all the Disney princesses,” he said.

The video that got him the highest views to date, with over half a million views, is the one showing Princess Aurora or Sleeping Beauty wearing a flowery pink baju kurung Kedah.

He shared that his favourite Disney characters were Rapunzel and Ariel, which he drew in Minangkabau attire and in Nyonya kebaya.

If you guys have suggestions, feel free to get in touch with Amir via his Tik Tok account, Do Da Doodle.

You never know, he may turn your suggestion into a cool drawing.

Keep it up, Amir!

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