Kedahan Nabbed For Harvesting Marijuana Plants Which He ‘Thought’ Were Bamboo Tr

You’re definitely smoking something, sir.

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Kedahan Nabbed For Harvesting Marijuana Plants Which He ‘Thought’ Were Bamboo Tr
Astro Awani

That's a really tall plant and it's definitely not bamboo.

How high would you stretch your story if the cops arrested you for possession of marijuana, or - gasp! - growing them in your house?
A Kedahan man recently made a hilarious attempt to convince the police of his innocence after he was found growing marijuana plants.

Thought it was a bamboo tree 

According to Astro Awani, police nabbed a man known as ‘Mat Tarzan’ and confiscated four of his marijuana plants at his home in Jalan Datuk Kumbar, Alor Setar.
The plants have grown as tall as his car park’s roof, which he brazenly planted right in front of his house.
What’s amusing was that upon initial arrest, the man told the police that he ‘thought’ that the marijuana plants were bamboo trees.
After further questioning, the Mat Tarzan eventually admitted that he planted the plants for his own use.
It also turns out that 38-year-old man has a previous drug-related record and was tested positive for cannabis after police sampled his urine test during the raid.
Hebat la siap berani tanam depan rumah lagi.
The Kota Setar police department is now investigating how and where he obtained the marijuana plant seeds.
Mat Tarzan has been taken into custody and is being held in the lock-up for further investigation.

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